Message from the Dean

Dear E-JUST Students,
Welcome! You are now a valued part of our E-JUST community…

LACC seeks to prepare new leaders for the industry and society in Egypt and MENA region as we educate our students to be global citizens and community leaders. We do this through our commitment to the transformative power of a liberal arts education, from humanities and foreign languages to social and behavioral sciences, LACC’s graduates are well-rounded citizens, effective communicators, and analytical thinkers who live knowledgeably, responsibly, and humanely in a world where complex problems demand informed, creative, and thoughtful solutions.

Our students receive the training, experiences, skills and sense of purpose that are required to be thoughtful citizens in an uncertain world and community builders who can bridge all sectors of society.

One of LACC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes is that graduates will be critically and ethically engaged in global issues as well as knowledgeable about and respectful of a diversity of cultures. Furthermore, ease of joining the labor market internationally and locally is one of our main goals. Thus, activities and events held through the LACC reflect the qualitative shift in activating the policy of the center as well as the strategic plan of E-JUST.

All in all , LACC will empower you to become the best possible versions of yourselves, not only capable of handling today’s complex and ever-changing world, but also able to contribute effectively & significantly to its development. We hope you will enjoy and learn a lot through our Zemi-based classes and Japanese flavored activities.

Prof. Adel ElSenn
LACC Director